Random Whole Number Generation in Javascript Within a Range


We are all well aware about Math.random() function in JavaScript. It is very useful and popular function for generating random numbers. You can Perform various important tasks with random numbers be it password generation or identifying a session. (more…)


TensorFlow Model Deployment in Android


There is no dearth regarding TensorFlow tutorials available although, information to deploy TensorFlow model into a mobile app(with no server-side component) is missing. Right now, in github the TensorFlow example explains process of running a model in Android. Here i will try to provide a step by step explanation to successfully Deploy TensorFlow Model in Android.



How to Secure WordPress Config using DotEnv


Twelve-factor app is a methodology for development of software on cloud. It is designed to assist developers in keeping their code in isolation and setup in a manner to minimize the risk factor. Storage of config in the environment is important as configuration is very different when deployed but not the code.



Install Magento Securely on Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud

magento installation on amazon-aws-ec2-cloud

Magento lets you build your fully functional e-commerce store. AWS(Amazon Web Services) is very reliable, secure and flexible and computing products loved and prefered by millions of active users. amazon understands the value of providing best e-commerce infrastructure. The primary priority of an e-commerce website owner to have an e-commerce store that is scalable when required specially during holidays and weekends to match the growth of business.



Websri and CSIR-NBRI Lucknow Collaborated for State First Air Pollution Mitigating App


Websri proudly announce its maiden contract with CSIR-NBRI(Council of Scientific and Industrial Research National Botanical Research Institute), Lucknow(an undertaking  of State Government of Uttar Pradesh) that approached Websri for developing an app that will resolve  air pollution on national level.  The Green Planner. App is based on android that provides full information about plants useful in reducing the air pollution and save us from the potential hazards. (more…)


HTML CSS and JavaScript tools and libraries for Productivity Boost

html css javascript-libraries

Front end development is not that straightforward which can be mastered in a tricky manner. Release of useful tools and resources has made it quite easy to master the art of Front end development. These improve our skills to elevate the performance level.



How to Use HTML5’s ClassList API to Control Classes


A front end developer might feel to change CSS rules on behalf of user interaction with various elements on the webpage. Till last few years they relied on  jQuery to solve such DOM manipulations which in some cases was unable to implement few basic manipulation in DOM. Fortunately HTML5 enables a developer to do it natively by eliminating jQuery need.


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